Social Media: Good or bad for young people’s success?

Recently I came across an article that was entitled, ‘Why are young people not succeeding in today’s world?’, and I thought to myself, I view this in the complete opposite way.

The article ( does have a valid point which I will go into in a little more detail but in my opinion, the world we live in changes at a ridiculous rate and I think we have overcome those challenges and turned them into opportunities.

The author says that social media has “resulted in a catastrophe for young people”. Young people waste half their days on social media platforms and are in dreamland when they could be actually learning something.

Young people do spend an enormous amount of time on social media. And it is true that students or teenagers in school could be doing something more productive than scrolling through their feed on Instagram or Facebook. You could say that this was true for all young people a short time ago but now there has been a revelation on social media especially with Instagram.

Three People Using Smartphones

Instagram has become a medium for people who are talented to advertise themselves and find a way to generate an income for themselves. If you think only five years into the past, in order for models, artists, musicians, comedians and all sorts of people to become successful in their desired fields they had to somehow get themselves onto someone’s radar who could help them meet the right people and eventually start to climb some sort of talent/contacts ladder.

Now, the youth of today are not slaves to social media, but rather using it to generate attention and jump the queue of anyone going the traditional route.

I am now at the age where I am seeing people younger than me becoming successful. For the majority of people this happened when you turned 19 or 20 when you see an new bread of famous actors and actresses, the newest pop stars and the like emerging as they turned 18 or even 17.

Now though, things have started to happen quicker for teenagers who know how to put themselves out there. Today, more than ever I can say that I know of a large number of teenagers under or just turning 16 that have somehow made a name for themselves and before even finishing high school have already made more money than most will probable touch in their first five years of work.

It’s plausible to say that this started four or five years ago when a new generation started to use social media. I remember when I was in my last year of high school and everyone in the same year would receive 20-40 likes on a post or something close to 100 if if was a really outstanding picture or status. During that same time, youngsters in years below were getting upwards of 200/300 likes on any old post.

Technology has not only improved and advanced rapidly but the way in which we use it has also. Long gone are the days where you liked a picture when it actually stood out to you. Now every like, share and post is part of a strategy for everyone using social media to expand their network and grow their online presence.

Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks Folder

Whether you like it or not, if you are a young person nowadays, not having social media accounts is like having a crutch. You won’t be able to reach the same people, you won’t be able to see what other people in your field are doing and inevitably you will get left behind and out of the loop.

It is a mistake to think now that the solution to our supposed generational problem of being addicted to social media is to stop using it. Times have changed and the bus has left the station for those who refuse to partake in social media. Social media can no longer be seen as something that hinders a teenager’s development but has to now be seen as a another aspect of a teenager’s route to success.

Essentially, how you use social media will determine whether it aids your success or contributes to your mediocrity.


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