YouTube channels worth checking out

We are now in the age where free time no longer means spending time watching television, rather watching YouTube videos or Netflix series; even though both platforms do a great job suggesting new content for us, we still need a bit of help finding shows we like.

Finding content through word of mouth will always be a part of us finding new things we like, but now because of how important technology has become in our lives, search engines like Google have become our know-it-all friend.

All I’m going to do for you is throw out some suggestions of YouTube channels that you could add to your subscriptions. They are all quite popular channels in their own right but as I have mentioned before in a previous post (, there are channels that have millions of subscribers that a lot of people will never have heard of simply because YouTube is so big and full of constantly replenishing content.



PAQ is a weekly fashion show hosted by four twenty-something friends; Shaquille-Aaron Keith, Elias Riadi, Danny Lomass and Dexter Black. They explore streetwear trends, high fashion labels and the history of fashion. Their creative content; which includes buying outfits in 30 minutes, designing capes and finding the rarest pieces, accompanied by the guys’ four very different personalities and styles has led to their tremendously quick growth. The PAQ crew have shot adverts for Ellesse and Reebok and have also worked with Hugo Boss and Adidas. Described as the Top Gear of fashion, PAQ is a channel to watch if you have even the slightest interest in fashion.


Photo: COLORS YouTube

COLORS, formerly COLORS Berlin, is a platform for musicians to perform some of their popular songs in a simple and unique environment. The aim of COLORS is to showcase talent from all over the globe with a stripped back approach that means there is only the music in the background and the artist singing into a microphone. COLORS has featured artists from the US, UK, Ukraine, Switzerland, Spain along with a whole host of other countries and languages. Hearing the artists sing their songs in such a simple environment allows you to appreciate their vocals and how effortlessly they can sound exactly like they do on their records, or even better.

Brave Wilderness

Photo: Austin Trigg,

Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson is a modern day Steve Irwin  that travels the world getting up close to the strangest and deadliest creatures. His content is so mesmerising because of the stunts he pulls. He willingly gets stung by dangerous insects, slaps a crocodiles back and then compares them to the pain of other creatures. He’s a mad man. But that’s why he’s so interesting to watch. Coyote goes above and beyond anything we’ve seen in informational nature programmes. You can read about how painful stings and bites are, or you could watch a man actually experience and describe the pain in real time.

First We Feast

Hot Ones host Sean Evans, photo:

First We Feast provides us all with probably the most entertaining way to interview the biggest celebrities and superstars. The channel releases three episodes a week entitled, Curry Shop, Feast Mansion and the most popular of all Hot Ones. The channel is co-produced by Complex Media and includes some similar hosts you may have seen on Complex. If I could recommend one show, I would have to say you need to watch Hot Ones. Celebrity guests answer questions while munching on chicken wings and testing their limits when it comes to spices. The results are hilarious and many guests have finished the episode with tears welling up in their eyes.

Wrap Up

So, there you have it, four channels you should be watching. With these channels you don’t get repetitive content and they are all exceptionally produced so don’t think because the videos are on YouTube that they have less quality in any way. Seriously check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

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