The wasted talent of Reuben Foster

Before last Sunday’s NFL games commenced, news broke that Reuben Foster had been released by the San Francisco 49ers, yet another promising career short lived because someone couldn’t stay out of trouble.

Foster was released after being arrested on Saturday on suspicion of domestic violence. This is the second occasion since Foster has joined the 49ers that there has been an accusation of domestic violence thrown his way, however, in May of this year the charges were dropped when his ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis recanted her claim.

The 49ers stuck with Foster the first time around despite many people who work in the NFL claiming that Foster was lucky to still have a job. The 49ers support of Foster was validated when the charges were dropped but this time, they seem to have had enough.


Foster was also arrested in Alabama in January for possession of marijuana which led to him missing the first two games of the current season through suspension.

Not even two years into his NFL career and Reuben Foster had been arrested three times, suspended once and as a result, he lost his job.

I can’t help but feel so disappointed when news like this emerges. Athletes with exceptional talent that have worked hard for years on their craft get rewarded for their efforts and are given the opportunity to make millions of dollars for doing what they love; and then they throw it all away for the pettiest of things.

Like many others, I was excited to see what Foster could do in the NFL. He was Alabama’s outstanding defensive player his senior year and he picked up the Butkus award, given to the best linebacker in college football.

Although there were some doubts about his health; particularly a shoulder injury that he tried to keep quiet, along with some off the field issues, like having an altercation with a hospital employee before the NFL combine; he managed to string together a series of really impressive performances and was one of the best linebackers in the 2017 NFL season.

After the 49ers season ended before the playoffs, there was excitement about what the next campaign might have in store. In the off-season they signed Jimmy Garoppolo and Jerick McKinnon to big contracts but they both suffered season ending injuries early on.

This season might be one to write off for the Niners but losing Foster to his own personal troubles is surely the lowest point of a disappointing year.

Foster will now face the allegations in court but the 49ers will not be there supporting him this time as they believe he has not lived up to the standards that they had set out for him.

The 49ers will lose out on what they believed to be a cornerstone of their defense for the next 10 years as well as the remaining money they have to pay Foster.

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